'Angels among Men' is a project that explores the special character of the pale skinned, light haired, rose-coloured or blue eyes humans otherwise known as albinos. It is a long-term photography project exploring the lives of People Living With Albinism in Nigeria and how they thrive in spite of the lack of melanin in their 'African skin' and the stereotypes associated with it in most parts of Africa. The prevalence rate of albinism is ranked among the highest in the world with an estimated figure of over two million living in the country.
Albinism in Africa, whenever mentioned in the news and articles, always has a level of negative connotation, such as discrimination, killings, abducting etc. While we are not insensitive to these facts, that in many parts of Africa, people living with albinism are oftentimes faced with these societal issues, this project seeks to digress from that topic, rather expose, educate and inspire truth of the condition, debunk myths as well as celebrate people living with albinism that have, in spite of the negativity associated with the colour of their skin, lived above it and made a life for themselves.
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